Hair Care Tips


  • You should always wash your hair extensions before installing, Avoid Salty or chlorinated water.

  • Use Mild moisturizing shampoo and Luke warm water to wash your hair extensions. You should wash at-least 2 cycles.

  • Avoid using products with SLS, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ethanol and Propanol ingredient.

  • Use Mild moisturizing conditioner or deep conditioner after shampoo. You should let the condition sit on the hair for at-least 15 minutes. You can comb through the hair while conditioner is in. Please be sure to use a wide tooth comb and start from the ends and work your way up as you comb and remember to be gentle.

  • When rinsing out conditioner use cool to cold water, this will help lock in moisture. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

  • Air dry your hair extensions. 

  •   For wavy and curly hair carefully detangle with a wide tooth comb during washes. Detangling hair when dry can cause breakage. 


  • You should always use a wide tooth comb or brush to minimize shedding.

  • Use your favorite oil or alcohol free serum/spray to keep hair shiny and silky. Our hair extensions are premium quality, you will not need to use a lot of product. 

  • Wash your hair extensions not more than once a week.

  • Never sleep with wet or damp hair.

  • Before bed always braid or twist your hair in one and wear a satin bonnet or scarf. 

  • When using heat, always use a heat protectant. This will help with split ends, dry, frizzy, and brittle hair. 

  • Keep the moisture alive, use a leave-in conditioner once a week to make sure it stays healthy.

  • For curly and wavy hair always detangle hair in the morning and at night. 

  • For curly and wavy hair always use water mix and leave in conditioner. Followed by a moisturizer for curly or wavy hair. This will help with dryness and boost your moisture to enhance your curls or waves. 

  • We do not recommend bleaching the knots yourself, bleaching the knots incorrectly will cause lace balding or shedding.


  • Adding any color or chemicals to your extensions can alter your curl or wave pattern. 

  • Our hair extensions will last up to 2 years with proper maintenance.